The Ugly Truth


Sabba –  An excellent article that analyzes the apparent conflicting reactions of world jewry towards the Brexit. However, while the author seems to believe that this is a victory of  the people by the people for the people, he fails to mention a few majors points: the role and power of City Of London; Nigel Farage being a former trader and the UKIP being backed by the London City Boys. He fails to mention the curse of private central banks and membership to NATO. And he fails to understand that the so called nationalists parties of Austria,  the Netherlands and France are everything but nationalist.

And I would like to elaborate a little bit on this last point.

For one, Geert Wilders is a jew whose ancestors were among the colonizers of Indonesia. So we know what to expect from a jew. Marine Le Pen, the undignified daughter of her father, is…

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