The Ugly Truth


ed note–keep in mind a few things–

All of this–the pillaging of the American taxpayers of $40 BILLION, that’s BILLION with a ‘B’, is taking place within an administration which both right-wing Jewish groups and their less-clever counterparts in certain ‘White Nationalist’ groups have claimed is being run by a ‘secret muslim’ named Obama, the same ‘secret muslim’ who has murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims in countries such as Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc, a curious contradiction of facts which these right-wing Jewish groups make sure to leave out of the discussion and which their less-clever counterparts in certain ‘White Nationalist’ groups are too stupid to figure out for themselves.

Keep in mind as well that it is this same pillaging which Trump has said is going to end under his presidency, irrespective of whatever noises he has made that appear to be friendly towards the Jewish state and inimical towards Islam…

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