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I believe this article helps to unwravel many of the mysteries of how the Jew weaves it’s Satanic Luciferian spells in cultures that are alien, and from there the Jew can move forwards to dismantling the infrastructure through subversive means, and this I can now prove from United Kingdom of Great Brtians own Parliamentary papers and Acts that provide, and have provided much leverage for the Jews in a subversive attack on the Societal structure of the English, British and Europeans, who are largely stemming from the same roots in blood.

We all know how the Elite, as they are sometimes called, have also been called the Jewish Bankers, or the Banksters, or the International Crime Syndicate Bankers, etc. I hope here to bring one tiny piece of incredible evidence that has been the lumber of so many people around the world, very much due to the immeasurable influencing…

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