The Ugly Truth


Amid tensions along Gaza border, those living near Palestinian enclave instructed to have packed bags at the ready

ed note–this is no ‘conflict’. ‘Conflict’ implies even forces at war with each other. It is every bit as much as a ‘conflict’ as a pack of wolves hunting down and slaughtering a small herd of deer or sheep.

Israel–by her very nature as a vampire enclave posing as a political entity–must have the periodic shedding of innocent Gentile blood in order to get her fix and feel sated. The blood of innocent Palestinians is the glue that holds together a fractured, mentally-unstable society, and without it, the Jewish state would simply fall apart, and the upcoming black mass being prepared for the people of Gaza who tragically will find themselves as the next victims of state-sponsored Jewish ritual murder can thank the ‘Christian’ West and the Arab/Muslim lackeys in countries such as…

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